Heralds of Courage
Inkwell Writers


Victory’s Battle Cry

His consuming fire burns within us
As this battle for our lives rages on
Will you fight for those who need love
Or like a coward, will you be gone?

Lives that are standing in the balance
Will run the risk of utter destruction
We will not stop engaging in this conflict
Until we have obliterated this corruption

My resolve during this conflict stands firm
Because victory has already been declared
We rush the gates amidst the battle cry
Because our enemy will not be spared

The fragrance of war rises from this plain
Contention against the enemy of my soul.
My blade now dripping dearly held lies
From those whose heads now roll!

Our Captain who leads this charge
Gives the order to march full pace
We hear His voice where our feet trod
Because He speaks from the Secret Place

Let us continue with the dawn of the day.
And regain what has been taken
To see the restoration of order
And the recognition of the forsaken.

Christian Fantasy Art